RouterOS Level 6 Licence

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Devices running RouterOS, including both RouterBoard and x86 installations, are able to upgrade the licence from the current level to a higher level.

To order a licence, a software ID is required. To retrieve the software ID, click on System -> License and copy the information from the Software ID field.

To retrieve the software ID via CLI, type /system license print and copy the software-id field.

PLEASE NOTE:  These licences are not designed to be used on a CHR installation.

Level number 6 (Controller)
Wireless AP yes
Wireless Client and Bridge yes
RIP, OSPF, BGP protocols yes
EoIP tunnels unlimited
PPPoE tunnels unlimited
PPTP tunnels unlimited
L2TP tunnels unlimited
OVPN tunnels unlimited
VLAN interfaces unlimited
HotSpot active users unlimited
RADIUS client yes
Queues unlimited
Web proxy yes
User manager active sessions Unlimited
Number of KVM guests Unlimited